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  • Upgrade Your Current Cane

Our Self-Standing Dome Cane Tip by Vive features a quad-style base, which lends you greater traction, stability, and safety. Its sleek dome design offers a modern look. The replacement cane tip is ideal for replacing worn, damaged, or lost cane tips. Promoting balance and stability, our Standing Dome Cane Tip is also low-profile--meaning it does not interfere with your natural stride (promoting better posture and ergonomics). 


  • Convenient Self-Standing Design

Its compact design makes it ideal for easily navigating stairs, and its dome-shaped quad base is self-standing, making it easy to retrieve when needing to use your hands or when seated. With multiple contact points, the sturdy cane tip prevents the cane from falling over.


  • Non-Slip Quad Base

Providing greater traction on any surface, our Vive Self-Standing Cane Tip is constructed with a textured nonslip base. The nonskid material creates a stable base--ideal for navigating uneven terrain both indoors and out.


  • Fits Folding And Standard Walking Canes

Designed to fit on any standard 3/4” cane, our Vive Self-Standing Replacement Cane Tip is also suitable for folding canes. To install it, simply remove your cane’s existing tip and insert the bottom of the standard or folding cane into your new rubber cane tip by pushing downward on a flat surface and twisting until fully inserted to prevent instability.



Easily upgrade your standard or folding cane with the Vive Self-Standing Dome Cane Tip. The stylish design features multiple contact points with a textured, nonslip base, which provides greater traction and stability on any walking surface (even rough terrains). The replacement cane tip is compact and works great on stairs and in narrow passageways. It will not interfere with your natural stride and is self-standing, making cane-retrieval quick and easy. 





  • What’s Included
    1pc Standing Dome Cane Tip

  • Color: black

  • Size: fits ¾”

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3 in

  • Product Weight: 0.75 lb

  • Material: rubber

  • Latex-free yes

Standing Dome Cane Tip

  • 30 day return policy if the product you've purchased is not defective then there's a 15% restocking fee to cover the return shipment. If the product is defective then we will replace or return your item for free.
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